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Remote Water Quality Monitoring Systems

Remote Water Quality Monitoring Systems from stand-alone data loggers to web-based 24/7 Monitoring Systems.

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HOBO MX2501 - pH and Temperature Bluetooth Data Logger

The new low-cost HOBO® MX2501 pH and Temperature logger is designed for long-term monitoring of pH in estuaries, lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans.
$1,424.00 ex GST

HOBO U24-001 - Conductivity/Salinity (Fresh Water) Data Logger

The HOBO U24 Conductivity Logger is a high-accuracy, cost-effective water quality data logger for measuring conductivity and temperature in streams, lakes, and other freshwater sources
$1,618.00 ex GST

HOBO U24-002-C - Conductivity/Salinity (Salt Water) Data Logger

The HOBO U24-002-C is a cost-effective data logger for measuring salinity, conductivity and temperature in saltwater environments with relatively small changes in salinity (±5,000 μS/cm) such as saltwater bays, or to detect salinity events such as upwelling, rainstorm, and discharge events.
$1,618.00 ex GST

HOBO U26-001 - Dissolved Oxygen Data Logger

The HOBO U26 Dissolved Oxygen Logger is a highly precise, low-cost data logger for measuring concentrations of oxygen in lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries, and coastal waters. Used by aquatic biologists, hydrologists, and other research professionals, the HOBO U26 combines the high accuracy, robust performance of industry-leading RDO® Basic (Rugged Dissolved Oxygen) sensor technology with an easy-to-maintain design.
$2,642.00 ex GST

HOBO RX3000 - Remote Monitoring and Weather Station

The HOBO RX3000 is Onset’s next-generation remote data logging station that provides instant access to site-specific environmental data anywhere, anytime via the internet.
$0.00 ex GST

pHionics STs pH Sensor with 4-20mA output

The pHionics STs Series™ pH sensor provides highly accurate pH measurement from 0-14 pH. The electrode is glass with a silver/silver chloride reference wire and double junctions to ensure long-term stability in harsh chemical solutions.
$1,883.00 ex GST

pHionics STs DO (Dissolved Oxygen) Sensor with 4-20mA

The STs Series Dissolved Oxygen combines a dissolved oxygen and temperature sensor along with 2 x 4-20 mA outputs into one durable, compact device.
$2,592.00 ex GST

pHionics STs ORP (Redox) Sensor with 4-20mA output

The STs ORP (redox) provides ORP (redox) and temperature measurement with 2 x 2-wire, 4-20 mA outputs in a single, compact device.
$1,985.00 ex GST

pHionics STs Conductivity Sensor with 4-20mA output

pHionics has combined a conductivity and temperature sensor with 2 x 4-20 mA outputs into a single, compact device that provides exceptional durability and accuracy.
$2,329.00 ex GST
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