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Water Data Loggers

Get data you can count on, from data loggers you can trust, with Onset's HOBO water monitoring solutions that are…

  • Highly accurate
  • Easily deployed
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Water is our most precious – and most at-risk – resource, so it’s more important than ever to assess and monitor impacts from climate change, urban development, and agriculture. Whether you need to track water temperature in a stream, or groundwater levels or salinity in an estuary, HOBO products offer cost-effective solutions for a wide range of water parameters and applications.

Water Monitoring Solutions from the Industry Leader

As the trusted manufacturer of field-proven HOBO data loggers for more than 35 years, Onset provides the monitoring tools you need to protect our water resources, infrastructures, and the natural environment.

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HOBO® U20 Series Water Level Loggers

The HOBO Water Level data logger features high accuracy at a great price and ease-of-use, with no cumbersome vent tubes or desiccants to maintain. This data logger is ideal for recording water levels and temperatures in shallow wells, streams, lakes and freshwater wetlands. For saltwater deployments, such as brackish wetlands and tidal areas, see HOBO U20 Water Level Titanium.
From $1,065.00 ex GST