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Cold Chain Solutions

Disposable Single Use Temperature Data Loggers

Single use temperature data loggers are the perfect devices for anyone who wants to record and monitor their cold chain logistics. They’re small, portable, and light weight – so it can be used anywhere in your supply chain.

You can easily download the PDF data recorded directly from the USB drive in the device. These devices have been designed specifically for ease-of-use with in-built reliable reporting.

Plus they have these great features to ensure your products are safe and sound during the transit process:

  • 0 UTC to eliminate time zone discrepancies
  • Being disposable, they minimise cost, time, and hassle of arranging the return of expensive loggers
  • Removes blind spots by logging data continuously
  • Easy to use interface with clear display
  • Quick and easy transfer of PDF data that can be accessed and viewed on any computer
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • No more hassle with cables and readers
  • Get accurate, detailed information about the condition of your goods
  • Reduce the risk of spoilage and loss
  • Know that you're doing everything to keep things safe, even when they're not in use

Cold Chain Transportation

Single use temperature data loggers are an invaluable tool for ensuring the safety and security of your goods throughout their journey. This device measures temperature constantly, making it possible to pinpoint any issues along their trip.

The logger comes ready-to use out of the box. Its accuracy ensures reliable data collection as well as long battery life which makes this essential monitoring system practical in many different areas such logistics or storage facilities

Medical Fridges & Freezers

Keeping vaccines and other medical preparations such as blood donations at the right temperature is vital to their quality.

With single & multi use data loggers, now you can track each batch from initial storage in your medical fridge/freezer all the way through transportation of this sensitive cargo before they are consumed.

Explore the Range:

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TZONE TempU02 Single Use PDF Temperature Data Logger

A Temperature Data Logger for single use with PDF Reporting via USB.
from $14.30 (ex gst)

Tempmate ®-S1 (V2) Single-Use Temperature Data Logger

Pre-Programmable Single-Use PDF USB Data Logger for Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring. Automatic PDF report generation without installing any software. Built-in USB port, no cables or readers required.
from $19.90 (ex gst)

TempMate M1 Multi Use USB Temperature Data Logger

Multi-Use PDF USB Data Logger for Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring is suitable for both placing in goods for shipping or monitoring your vaccine fridge.
from $62.00 (ex gst)