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Reliably monitor and alarm your remote water flow meter.
The TCT512BH is a fast response thermometer designed for food safety.
11 Sep 2019 HOBO MX Gateway
The MX Gateway automatically transmits HOBO MX Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) logger data to Onset’s cloud-based HOBOlink software.
The new HOBO Wind Monitoring Station is an easy to deploy, low-cost cellular solution, allowing you to reliably monitor and alarm wind conditions.
The HOBO MicroRX Water Level Station is a cellular, web-enabled water level monitoring solution for stormwater, floodwater, irrigation, hydrologic, and environmental applications
25 Jul 2019 HOBO MicroRX Station
The compact and rugged HOBO MicroRX Station is an easy-to-deploy, low-cost cellular solution for long-term, reliable field monitoring.
IMACIMUS Multi ION allows for quick and reliable ion measurement. Simultaneously Measure and display 10 Parameters (7 ions/nutrients/ pH /conductivity/ water hardness) in Real Time.
Temperature Buffers stabilise short variations and erratic temperature readings.
The VCP Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors with a measuring range up to 300ppm
A high grade weather station coupled with a wireless 7 colour LCD and Wi-Fi Connectivity for uploading data to the web.