Energy Monitoring Systems

  • Track building electricity usage to understand energy profiles and manage peak demand
  • Verify energy cost savings to determine ROI of new equipment
  • Monitor equipment runtimes to ensure efficient operation
  • Monitor equipment for leaks to cut wasteful energy consumption
Facility Manager’s Guide to Data Logging
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Onset EG4100 Series Power Monitoring Systems

Onset EG4100 Series power monitoring systems combine revenue-grade power metering hardware, a full suite of current transformers, and cloud-based energy visualization software to help you manage your building’s energy use.
$1,158.00 ex GST

HOBO Energy Monitoring Systems Overview

HOBO energy monitoring systems can be rapidly deployed in a wide range of energy management applications, including energy audits, Measurement & Verification, building commissioning and indoor air quality studies.
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kWh Monitoring Kit - KIT-UX90-KWH

The HOBO kWh Monitoring Kit combines the convenience and affordability of Onset’s award-winning HOBO UX90 State/Pulse Logger with the power of industry-leading WattNode sensors.
$0.00 ex GST

HOBO Energy Logger - H22-001 - Multi Channel

The HOBO Energy Logger multi-channel data logger is a modular, re-configurable data logging system for energy and industrial monitoring applications.
$634.00 ex GST

WattNode Advanced Pulse - kilowatt hour kWh energy meter

The Advanced Pulse WattNode is a true RMS AC watt-hour transducer with pulse output proportional to kWh consumed. The WattNode provides accurate measurement at low cost to meet your needs for sub-metering, net-metering, energy management, and performance contracting applications.
$368.00 ex GST

EG4100 Series Current Transformer Sensor

Split-core CTs from J&D Sensing offer a well constructed hinged body and are very accurate.
$82.00 ex GST

Rogowski Coil Sensor for EG4100

Rope CTs are excellent for bus-bars and large switch-gear applications
$290.00 ex GST

ACT Series Split-Core Current Transformers - Accu-CT up to 250A - For Loggers

The Accu-CT revenue grade, split-core current transformer offers outstanding linearity and phase angle accuracy with a unique one-handed opening and closing mechanism.
$91.00 ex GST

ACT-1250 Series Split-Core Current Transformers 250A to 600A for Loggers

The Accu-CT ACT-1250 series split-core current transformer (CT) offers revenue grade performance with a unique one-handed opening and closing mechanism
$125.00 ex GST

Mini Split-core AC Current Transformers - T-MAG-0400 for Loggers

The small size 5 to 75 AMP split-core AC Current Transformers (CT) are mounted around a current carrying wire to measure AC amperage. This CT provides a 0 to .333 Volt AC output proportional to current flow and are used with Onset loggers.
$92.00 ex GST

CTS Series Split-Core Current Transformers - T-MAG-SCT - for Loggers

The CTS series CTs are available with windows from 0.75 inch up to 2.0 inch. They have a removable section, so that they can be installed without interrupting the circuit.
$125.00 ex GST

HOBO Power Logging System Overview

Measure Power Factor, Reactive Power, Watt Hours and more!
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