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How Long will a HOBO U12, U10, UX series Logger Battery Last show

In normal circumstances it will last approximately 12 months. This may change with certain conditions. More information can be found in the logger manual.

Will an indoor logger work in a fridge? show

We do not recommend this, while the logger will operate at sub zero temperatures, condensation is prone when doors are opened and warm air gets in. We suggest using a logger with an external sensor and the logger on the outside or a waterproof logger like the Pendant

How do I turn the data logger off? show

All HOBO data loggers shut off when the memory is full (unless wrap around is selected), or the data is downloaded to a computer. Once the data is downloaded to the computer, the data logger is in off mode and will need to be relaunched to continue data collection. If the data logger you are using is shuttle-compatible and you are downloading to a shuttle, the shuttle will automatically relaunch the data logger using the previous settings. The HOBO Weather Station, Micro Station and Water Temp Pro give you the option at readout to "Stop Logging and Off-load Data," or to "Off-load While Logging." Off-load while logging will allow the data logger to continue recording data in the current deployment.

More HOBO FAQ's and knowledge base show

You can find plenty FAQ's and a detailed Knowledge base for Onset HOBO data loggers by selecting from the menu > Data Loggers > Catalogues/Information/FAQ's > Knowledge Base & FAQ's

All our graphs are shown in ºF, we have to manually change this every time show

This is a preference you can set in HOBOware go to file and select preferences, under display choose “default unit system” of SI then click ok. While you are in preferences you can also select the date and time format that suits you best.

How do I print the information show

Firstly you’ll need a printer connected to your PC. To print the graph as you see it on the screen, select the printer icon from the tool bar at the top of your screen. To print all the data points, go to File, then select print points If you only want a selection printed, highlight selection in the points table at the top of your screen, then go to file and select print points Now you will get a prompt asking if you only want the selection or all data points, choose selection, select your printer & click OK

Can you send me another copy of HOBOware, we’ve misplaced ours show

HOBOware is a licensed software. Like all licensed software, HOBOware has a unique licence key issued with each copy of HOBOware. The licence key is a 16 digit number printed on the original packaging of your disc. With the following format xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Note: the licence key is also recorded in the software and can be found in the help menu in manage licence key. In line with Industrial practice we do not keep records of Licence keys: It is the responsibility of the owner to preserve this information.

HOBOware-Pro is an advanced version and can be purchased, HERE

HOBOware is a free download: HERE

U30-ETH Firewall blocking connection to HOBOlink show

The U30 will need bidirectional access to port 54328 in order to successfully connect to HOBOlink

Can a U30 with remote comms be used as USB only? show

No, The communication module, GSM, Wi-Fi or Ethernet will continue to call out looking for a connection. If this is not established it will eventually shut down the remote comms and also the USB. Onetemp can remove the remote comms module and reprogram the unit for USB only use if required.

U30 SMS Messaging for alarms show

The text message comes from HOBOlink servers, not the U30 SIM card. SMS in USA works quite different than here in Australia as in the USA text can be set for Receiver pays and each mob phone number comes with an email address, e.g. 12345678@yoursupplier.com Not so in Australia, so this method does not work the same here. Telstra recommend using an email to text forwarder. Telstra can offer this as can many other companies in Australia. Google email to text. Many are monthly payment but some provide a pay per email service which is more desirable for alarming. Also remember, text messaging is not a reliable service and should not be used for life threatening applications.

Corrupt Header when downloading from logger show

There are several points to understand regarding headers and how they can get corrupted (especially with optic loggers and Pendants in particular). It is very important to understand that, if a logger is found to have a corrupt header the only way to repair it is to relaunch the logger directly from a computer, not with just the shuttle. The shuttle has no capacity to rewrite a header so the error will be perpetuated in subsequent deployments (meaning you will keep getting corrupt headers continuously until the logger is relaunched from a computer). Corrupt headers are caused by a communications error during the launch sequence. This can be caused by prematurely removing the logger from the coupler however, other circumstances can cause this to happen also including: 1) Dirt, scratches or other physical deformities on the optic window or (in the case of the Pendant) the housing that attenuates the low level IR transmission. If the cases get buggered up, the signal will be interrupted and these errors can happen. 2) High levels of ambient IR radiation (i.e. bright sunlight). The IR signal used to communicate between logger and shuttle/base station is very low in power level and can be overpowered by bright sunlight. The design of the Pendant cap and shuttle has been changed in the last couple of years to include opaque plastic instead of the original clear. Also, the BASE-U-1 (the Pendant-only base station) has been redesigned to include shrink tubing over the base station area to mitigate this issue as well. Also, customers should be told to take precautions when launching these loggers in the field to minimize exposure to direct sunlight when communicating (Keep the logger and shuttle in their shadow at a minimum). 3) The Pendant communicates via the set of optics located in the flat of the shuttle instead of the set in the end of the shuttle. This means that the coupler needs to be firmly and completely seated onto the shuttle when being used or communications errors can happen (They may need to push the logger and coupler together against the side of a desk to get them seated properly. There should be ~ 1mm space or less).


What is the difference between kW and kWh? show

Water Analogy:- If you consider electricity as though it is water: Power = Gallons per minute. This goes to zero if you stop using water. Energy = Total gallons consumed. This is what you are billed for. Even if you stop using more water, your total stays the same, it just doesn't get any higher. ----- Speedometer Odometer Analogy:- You can imagine that power (W) is like your speedometer (current speed), while energy (kWh) is like your odometer. The speedometer can quickly go from zero to sixty and back to zero, but the odometer only slowly counts up: faster if your speed is faster. The speedometer tells you how fast you are going right now (how much power you are using right now), while the odometer tells you how far you've gone (how much energy you've used in total). ------- More info:- http://www.onetemp.com.au/p/1929/what-is-the-difference-between-kw-and-kwh

Eze Web Base Controllers

How much data does an EZEIO use show

Typical data usage for a full month is about 5 Mega Bytes, but may vary depending on how frequently logging data is captured and other configuration parameters. But note: The status screen causes full status updated to happen every few seconds (obviously - to keep the data live). This consumes about 400 bytes every 3-4 seconds, which adds up to a Meg roughly every 2h so if you have a 3G device don't keep it open too long.

How many temperature probes can I connect to EZEIO show

Max 20, but also max of 50m of cabling (including sensors) in entire network

Will the Eze Ethernet work with a Proxy show

It's impossible to say if it will work behind their proxy. It's completely up to the type of proxy and what the settings/policy is. Some proxies do "deep packet inspection" and basically refuse anything they do not recognize - in that case the ezeio will not work at all since each packet is encrypted and there is no easy way to recognize a packet - each packet is just a random number of random bytes.. Generally If IT allow UDP port 8844 outgoing and "keep state" for the return traffic, it should be fine.

Power or Comms failure alarm show

The administrator and any designated email address will receive an email if power or communications fails

Automatic reporting show

The Eze system can be set to automatically email PDF reports, Daily, weekly or monthly, for any recorded input.


How do I wire a 4-20mA Loop show

Sensor + to Power supply +, Power supply - to indicator -, Indicator + to transmitter -

Thermocouple cable colour show

Normally in Australia we use the ANSI (American) Colour code. RED is Negative.

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